Automatic Heat Transfer Press : US-6860

With automatic label pickup & feeding device

Sliding Plate Dimensions: 865(L) x 380(W) x 5(H)mm 

 Automatic label pickup & feeding device


The machine can be used for any colored printing on any kind of fabric.

  1. Automatic air-driven system.
  2. With automatic label pickup and feeding device.
  3. With 2 working plates(moving manually) and laser markers.
  4. Pressure,temperature control and pressing time can be adjusted easily according to the requirements.
  5. The counter can display the production accurately.
  6. The electronic thermostat can minimize the temperature ddifference to last the duration of the machine life.
  7. The time of placing cloth on working plate is adjustable.
  8. Automatic control or manual control is changable.
Dimesion of working plate:100X100(mm)
Model US-6860
Power Supply 1-Phase 220-230V
Rated Output 400 W
Amp's 2.4 A
Max.Temperature 200°C
Air Pressure 4~6kg/c㎡
Heating Time 0-60 Sec
L x W x H
500 x 290 x 620 mm
Net Weight 37kgs