Dual Motor : CS-380 (Clutch Motor + Suction Motor 2 in 1)

PAT NO.:M325339 (TW)
ZL200720174905.6 (CN)  

CS-380A(For Overlock)
CS-380B(FOR Interlock)

The motor can drive sewing machine and suck trim waste at the same time.
Dual Motor ( Clutch Motor + Suction Motor 2 in 1 ) CS-380.
For overlock machine and interlock machine only.


  • Precise design ensures good quality and low maintenance.
  • Energy saving,no need of compressed air.Compared with a 400W clutch motor and a 400W suction motor,CS-380 Dual Motor can save about 85% electricity power for overlock machine and save about 45% electricity power for interlock machine.
  • Cost saving. CS-380 Dual Motor can save about 70% motor cost for overlock machine and save about22% motor cost for interlock machine.
  • Low noise. CS-380 Dual Motor can reduce about 10dB compared with 400W suction motor.
  • Easy intallation.
Output 400W 1/2HP
Phase 1 3
Frequency 50/60HZ 50/60HZ
Voltage 110V~240V 220V~440V
AMP's 3.0~5.8 1.2~2.0
N.W:28.00KGS G.W.:29.00KGS


For overlock machine
CS-380A: with thread and waste removal accessories.
For interlock machine
CS-380B: with thread removal accessories.
CS-380C: with thread removal accessories.