Thread Trimmer : US-100EZ

Suction Power Adjustable Device

Blade coated with TITANIUM

Application & Features:

This type of machine can be used on any thread trimming items, such as underwear, T-shirt, Sportswear,babywear,shirt,western cloth, trousers,pants, jeans, skirt,shorts, hat, ...etc.

  1. Use powerful suction motor.
  2. Use suction power adjustable device to adjust the suction power according to the trimmed items.
  3. The direction (vertical or horizon) of clipper head can be adjustable for the operator's convenience.
Voltage 110V~240V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Power 400W 1/2HP
AMP's 3.2A
Speed 2850/3450RPM
Phase Single phase